The Best Cocktail Bar in Barcelona

Cocktail at the best cocktail bar in Barcelona
Cocktail at the best cocktail bar in Barcelona

At "The Best Cocktail Bar in Barcelona" we provide you with a true and extraordinary foray into the world of mixology, an experience that will immerse you in an enigmatic journey through a symphony of flavors and captivating emotions. We have cemented our position as a true benchmark in the exciting universe of cocktails in the charming city of Barcelona and take genuine pride in our unwavering dedication to excellence, quality and innovation that we infuse into each of our exquisite drinks. Through a constant dedication to innovation and a relentless passion for flavor nuances, we have managed to stand out and be hailed as one of the most must-see and sought-after destinations for all those who profess a deep love for mixology. Plata Cocktail Bar, a unique space brimming with vitality, meticulously conceived to satisfy the most refined and demanding palates of cocktail aficionados. Strategically located in the iconic heart of Barcelona's Eixample, our cocktail bar exceeds expectations by providing a memorable experience, where the drinks become authentic masterpieces and the hospitable atmosphere invites relaxation and fun.

interior de la mejor cocteleria de barcelona, plata cocktail bar

As pioneers among cocktail venues in Barcelona, ​​we are proud to constantly challenge the confines of inventiveness and innovation, captivating both our local customers and those visiting from abroad. More than just an establishment, we fully embody the essence of "The Best Cocktail Bar in Barcelona", a haven of unforgettable moments where friends come together to forge memories that last over time. Every drink we dispense is a testament to our dedication and devotion to perfection. Our skilled mixologists are completely devoted to experimenting with the highest quality ingredients, fusing traditional methods with an innovative touch, thus forging experiences that delight the senses and exalt the spirit. In short, at “The Best Cocktail Bar in Barcelona”, our constant mission is to exceed expectations, elevate mixology to unexplored heights and offer a corner where flavors and passion converge in a truly unforgettable experience. Join us on a journey of delight and discovery, where each drink tells a story of dedication and love for the art of cocktails.

cocktail "man on the moon" de plata cocktail bar, the best cocktail bar in barcelona.


With an enriching and mesmerizing history spanning over a century, our iconic Barcelona cocktail bar stands as a true testament to the evolution of mixology itself and has left an indelible mark on the development of this art form throughout the city. Over the years, we have not only been spectators, but also protagonists of the fascinating metamorphosis of cocktails, bringing our passion and experience to each stage of this ever-changing journey. At the epicenter of our mixology, an exceptional team of meticulously trained and highly skilled bartenders master the noble art of mixology. This group of experts have embraced both timeless classics and innovative contemporary creations, fusing heritage with modernity with a craftsmanship that reflects their devotion to detail and their desire to wow every palate that ventures into our space. Each cocktail that comes to life behind our pristine counter is a masterpiece in itself, a manifestation of precision and passion that unfolds with every sip. Our tireless search for excellence leads us to select only the freshest ingredients of exceptional quality, which translates into sensory experiences that exceed expectations and delight the senses.

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Plata Cocktail Bar is not just a bar, but an environment that transcends convention and celebrates diversity. Each individual is welcomed with open arms in our welcoming space, whether in the company of friends, loved ones, or simply seeking a moment of solitary serenity. We are excited to share our passion for cocktails with you, to awaken your senses and immerse you in our unique and delicious creations. Our cocktail bar in Barcelona is an inexhaustible source of originality. Each new invention that emerges from the skilled hands of our bartenders is a fascinating fusion of flavors and techniques, designed to provide lasting memories for all our guests. This commitment to innovation is what sets us apart and brings us closer to the title of "the best cocktail bar in Barcelona". In short, our cocktail bar in Barcelona is not just a place, but a constantly evolving narrative, a synthesis of tradition and modernity that is intertwined in each glass. We are a refuge for lovers of the good life and exceptional flavors, a space where each meeting becomes a unique experience. We cordially invite you to join us on this exciting journey of discovery and pleasure, and allow us to guide you into a world of exquisite cocktails that will delight your palate and enrich your spirit.

  Cocktail "my big lollipop" en Plata Cocktail Bar Barcelona, best cocktail bar


In the exciting and dynamic world of cocktails, the factors that set the standard are authenticity and exclusivity. These two values ​​stand as the fundamental pillars that guide our approach to cocktails, and it is precisely this dedication to the exceptional that sets us apart internationally. At our mixology establishment, we are proud to offer our visitors a unique and captivating visual display that is unmatched in any other corner of the globe. Behind this wonderful experience is a team of highly talented artisans, working in harmony with our skilled mixologists. Together, they fuse their skills and creativity to weave a web of dazzling visual presentations that masterfully enhance and complement the excellence that characterizes each cocktail creation conceived by our master mixologists. This symbiosis between human and artistic talent enables us to offer our esteemed clients a complete and amazing experience. Every time you walk through our doors, you are presented with the opportunity to delve into the fascinating universe of cocktails, where the magic of visual presentations is intertwined with the mastery of high-end mixology.

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We invite you to immerse yourself in this fascinating journey and discover the exclusivity that resides in each of our drinks and presentations. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to provide an experience that goes beyond the confines of traditional mixology. On every occasion that you honor us with your presence in our cocktail bar, a universe of potential unfolds before you, where the passion for visual art is intermingled with mastery in the preparation of cocktails. At Plata Cocktail Bar, we not only embrace the search for exceptional flavors, but also the creation of visual experiences that will last in the memory of our customers. Each glass we serve is a manifestation of our commitment to innovation and excellence, and each presentation stands as a work of art in itself. Our cocktail bar stands as a stage where creativity is manifested in every detail, where each drink becomes a multisensory experience that delights not only the palate, but also the eyes and the heart. If you are looking for excellence and originality in every sip, we invite you to visit us to transport you to a world where cocktails are transformed into an expression of art and exclusivity. Possibly the best cocktail bar in Barcelona.


At the renowned Plata Cocktail Bar, we have the privilege of hosting a master mixologist with an impressive two-decade career in the industry. His vast experience not only sets him apart, but also testifies to his tireless devotion to mixology. With a deeply rooted passion for the art of combining flavors and an insatiable curiosity to explore new taste frontiers, he has become a true virtuoso in creating unusual and captivating blends that are sure to caress and amaze your palate. Each creation that emerges from his skilled hands is the result of years of experience and a sincere commitment to excellence, ensuring that each visit to our establishment is a culinary journey full of surprises and delight. His ability to fuse seemingly disparate ingredients and strike a perfect balance between flavors and aromas is truly unique. At “the best cocktail bar in Barcelona”, we are proud to have a master mixologist of this caliber, whose talent manifests itself in every sip and elevates the cocktail experience to an exceptional level.

Our master mixologist is tirelessly dedicated to exploring new possibilities and reinventing the classics to bring you innovative flavor experiences. That is why his vast knowledge of mixology allows him to create new combinations and surprise you with unique flavors that awaken your senses, so each cocktail he creates is a masterpiece that reflects his dedication and passion for his art.

To ensure we offer you the best, our mixologist travels the world in search of the latest trends and techniques in the art of bartending, for example exploring various destinations, visiting renowned cocktail bars and connecting with other professionals in the industry to stay updated and bring you the most exclusive and avant-garde in each creation. Their dedication and commitment are reflected in every sip you enjoy at our cocktail bar.

With our expert mixologist in charge, each visit to our bar is an opportunity to enjoy unique cocktails that combine exquisite flavors in a harmonious way. From timeless classics to bold creations, our mixologist strives to offer you a taste experience that goes beyond your expectations. Each sip is an explosion of flavors and textures carefully balanced to delight your senses.

cocktail "i´m rich" de plata cocktail bar, best cocktail bar in Barcelona


Located in the lively Eixample district, Plata Cocktail Bar is a haven of elegance in the heart of Barcelona. Just a few steps from the iconic Paseo de Gracia, our place enjoys a privileged location that makes it the ideal destination for those who want to savor a unique experience in Barcelona. Barcelona, ​​the jewel of the Mediterranean, is a cosmopolitan city brimming with diversity, creativity and innovation. As one of the most outstanding tourist destinations in the world, Barcelona offers much more than sun and sand. Its cultural richness, its vibrant art scene and its exquisite cuisine are internationally recognized. Barcelona is a cradle of culture and art, a place where the past and the present intertwine in a harmonious dance. From majestic architectural works, such as the emblematic Sagrada Familia and the enigmatic Park Güell, to the hidden treasures of the most authentic neighbourhoods, each corner of the city tells a fascinating story. Catalan cuisine is a delight to the senses, and Barcelona is the epicenter of this world-renowned culinary experience. From traditional tapas dishes to sophisticated signature menus, Barcelona's gastronomic offer is a true feast for lovers of good food. When night falls, Barcelona comes alive with an incomparable energy. Its streets are filled with music, laughter and a festive atmosphere that envelops both locals and visitors. From sleek and sophisticated cocktail bars to world-renowned nightclubs, Barcelona's nightlife offers an unrivaled experience for those looking to party until the wee hours of the morning. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in the best cocktail bar in Barcelona, ​​the perfect place to treat yourself to the best cocktails in the city. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the vibrant essence of Barcelona.

mesa con cocteles en el Plata cocktail bar


In what is probably “the best cocktail bar in barcelona”, we not only offer you delicious and creative cocktails, but also provide a visually stunning experience. That is why our cocktails are true works of art, perfect for immortalizing moments in your photos and making your account Instagram stand out from the rest. For example, from design to presentation, every detail is carefully thought out to offer you a unique and shareable experience on social networks.

From the moment we prepare our cocktails, to the moment they arrive at your table, every detail is carefully thought out to offer you a unique and photogenic experience. Our talented mixologists not only focus on creating exceptional flavors, but also pay special attention to the presentation of each drink. Each cocktail is a true masterpiece that will amaze you both with its taste and its aesthetics.

Los mejores cocteles de barcelona en plata cocktail bar de barcelona



In addition, our facilities are also carefully decorated to create the perfect environment for your photos. From the lighting to the decorative elements, every corner of Plata Cocktail Bar is an opportunity to capture striking and stylish images.

We know how important it is for you to share special moments on your social networks. That is why we strive to offer you an experience that is worth sharing and that makes you stand out among your friends and followers. Our goal is that you enjoy unforgettable moments in our bar and that you can take with you unique visual memories.

So the next time you visit the best cocktail bar in Barcelona, ​​don't forget to have your camera or phone ready to capture the beauty of our cocktails. We assure you that your photos will be praised and will awaken the desire of your followers to live the experience for themselves!

Come and discover the perfect fusion between art, creativity and cocktails at Plata Cocktail Bar, The best cocktail bar in Barcelona. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world full of flavors and dazzling aesthetics!

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6. Commitment to the Environment

In our cocktail bar, "the best cocktail bar in barcelona" we also have a strong commitment to the environment. We have been pioneers in the elimination of plastic straws, replacing them with biodegradable alternatives. Additionally, we work closely with local suppliers to source fresh and seasonal ingredients, reducing our carbon footprint.

Regarding recycling, we have a strict recycling policy for glass, cardboard and plastic. Although we have drastically reduced our waste, we continue to make sure that anything that can be recycled is properly separated.

In terms of energy consumption, we were also pioneers in Barcelona by installing LED lighting in our establishment. Currently, all of our lighting is energy efficient, which helps us reduce our environmental impact and contribute to energy conservation.

We pride ourselves on being a cocktail bar that not only offers great drinks and a friendly atmosphere, but also cares about the planet. That is why we will continue looking for ways to improve our sustainable practices and be an example in the hospitality industry in Barcelona.

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In our cocktail bar, probably the best cocktail bar in Barcelona, ​​we are proud to offer a wide selection of non-alcoholic cocktails, perfect for those who want to enjoy a refreshing and tasty experience without the presence of alcohol.

We have created non-alcoholic versions of our most successful cocktails for you that will pleasantly surprise you. From fruity and tropical options to more complex and sophisticated creations, each mocktail is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, ensuring exceptional flavor in every sip.

Imagine enjoying a refreshing tropical fruit mocktail, where fresh pineapple juice is combined with citrus notes and a touch of fresh mint. Or immerse yourself in a more sophisticated experience with a mocktail made with a careful mix of premium ingredients, such as artisan tonics, homemade syrups and aromatic herbs.

Interior del plata cocktail bar en barcelona, la mejor cocteleria de barcelona

Our goal is to provide you with a complete and satisfying experience, regardless of whether you prefer alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. We want you to feel welcome and cared for, and that includes offering you delicious and creative options, without the need to include alcohol.

In addition, our non-alcoholic drinks are also a great option for those who want to enjoy an alcohol-free experience. Whether you're driving, prefer to avoid alcohol, or just want to explore new options, our mocktails will provide a pleasant and satisfying experience.

In what is probably the best cocktail bar in Barcelona, ​​we are proud to offer a complete experience for all our clients. Our non-alcoholic cocktails are a sign of our commitment to offer high-quality and delicious options to satisfy all preferences. We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of mocktails and discover new and exciting flavors.

Come and discover the exquisite variety of non-alcoholic cocktails that we have for you in our cocktail bar. Our team will be happy to recommend the perfect option to complement your evening.

Interior del Plata Cocktail Bar en Barcelona.


The best cocktail bar in Barcelona invites you to explore our wide selection of exceptional cocktails. Our menu includes unique creations that will surprise and delight your taste buds. Here are some of our most outstanding cocktails:

I´m rich

Cocktail "i am rich" en el mejor cocktail bar de barcelona

Cocktail «I´m Rich», our latest creation.


man on the moon

Cocktail "man on the moon" en el mejor cocktail bar de barcelona

The Man on the Moon Cocktail it is a delicious combination of exotic and classic flavors that will transport you on a journey of pleasure and charm.


I´m what I am

Cocktail "i am what i am" en el mejor cocktail bar de barcelona

The I Am What I Am Cocktail is a unique creation that combines bold and contrasting flavors to give you an unforgettable experience.


Studio 54

Cocktail "studio 54" en el mejor cocktail bar de barcelona

The Studio 54 cocktail is a true gem on our drinks menu. Its combination of carefully selected ingredients and its balance of flavors make it a unique experience for the palate.


My big lollipop

Cocktail "my big lollipop" en el mejor cocktail bar de barcelona

Cocktail My Big Lollipop. Made from a blend of aged rums with soft notes of orange and almond bitters, sweetened with pineapple and grenadine.

My Big Lollipop cocktail is an irresistible creation that combines carefully selected aged rums with subtle hints of orange and almond bitters. This blend creates a rich and complex base, full of intense and balanced flavors.

To further enhance its flavor, we add fresh pineapple for a juicy, tropical sweetness. Pineapple blends harmoniously with grenadine, creating a symphony of refreshing, fruity flavors.

The result is a My Big Lollipop cocktail that will delight your senses with its exquisite combination of aged rums, orange and almond bitter notes, and the sweet touch of pineapple and grenadine. Each sip will transport you to a paradise of flavors and will make you enjoy a unique experience.

The perfect storm

Cocktail "the perfect storm" en el mejor cocktail bar de barcelona

The Perfect Storm cocktail is a unique combination that will surprise you with its exquisite flavors. We start with the Maraschino liqueur, made from almonds and honey, which provides a sweet and aromatic touch with flower extract. This liquor is mixed with brandy, creating a base full of sophistication and complexity.

Secondly, we add gin macerated with vegetables and orange, which gives it a fresh and vibrant flavor. This combination of ingredients brings out the herbal and citrus undertones, creating a unique flavor experience with every sip.

And to complete this exceptional cocktail, we wrap it with pineapple juice, which provides a tropical and refreshing sweetness, perfectly balancing the previous flavors. Plus, we added a touch of cotton candy for oomph and a slight touch of extra sweetness.

The result is The Perfect Storm, an explosion of flavors that will take you on a joyride with every sip.


grand margarita

The Grand Margarita is a delicious creation that combines Don Julio white agave tequila with a blend of citrus that gives it a refreshing and vibrant taste. In addition, we add subtle sweet notes of cognac and the dry essence of orange, which gives it a distinctive touch.

To bring out its flavors even more, we serve the Grand Margarita with salt on the rim of the glass, which gives it a perfect contrast of flavors. In addition, you can choose to add Tajín, a mixture of chilies and spices, which gives a spicy and smoky touch to the cocktail.

Our Grand Margarita is the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a unique and sophisticated margarita. The balance between high-quality tequila, fresh citrus and complementary flavors make this drink a true gem on our cocktail list.

Come to "the best cocktail bar in Barcelona" and let yourself be seduced by the exquisite combination of flavors of our Grand Margarita. We assure you a unique experience full of flavor and sophistication. We are waiting for you to toast with you!

Champagne Cristal roederer en la cocteleria  Plata Cocktail Bar de Barcelona


At Plata Cocktail Bar, we are proud to offer an exclusive selection of the best brands on the market. We work with dedication and passion to provide you with a unique experience in each sip. Our cocktail menu includes globally recognized brands, ensuring the highest quality in each preparation.

Top Brands Always

We work with renowned brands such as Grey Goose, Absolut, Zacapa, Don Julio, Patron, Monkey47, Hendrick´s, Yamazaki, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Pérignon, Louis Roederer, MoninThese brands have proven their excellence and have been carefully selected to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

In addition to choosing the best brands, we also put special emphasis on the ingredients we use in each cocktail. We strive to source fresh, high-quality, and seasonal ingredients, ensuring that each drink is an explosion of flavors and aromas. From fresh fruits to carefully selected herbs, we make sure each ingredient brings its full potential to our cocktails.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and offer you an unforgettable experience on every visit. Whether you choose a classic like the Mojito or prefer to try our signature creations, each cocktail we serve is designed with love and attention to detail. Our talented mixologists master the art of mixology and are committed to bringing you the perfect combination of flavors and impeccable presentation.

In our cocktail bar, perhaps the best cocktail bar in Barcelona, ​​quality is our top priority. We strive to maintain the highest standards at all times, from the selection of ingredients to the final presentation of each cocktail. We want you to immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience, where each sip is a celebration of the senses.

cocktail "man on the moon" de Plata Cocktail Bar en Barcelona

10. Why do we believe that Nuestra Coctelería is the best cocktail bar in Barcelona?

Plata Cocktail Bar, the best cocktail bar in Barcelona, ​​is much more than just a cocktail bar. Above all it is a place where cocktail lovers can enjoy unique and delicious experiences in an elegant and welcoming environment. Our team of highly trained mixologists is ready to awaken your senses and provide you with an unforgettable night.

Quality and Creativity: Each drink is made with the best ingredients and careful attention to detail, offering innovative and surprising flavors.

Commitment to the Environment: We are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Exceptional Service: Our highly trained team will provide you with an impeccable and personalized service.

Sophisticated Environment: Disfruta de un ambiente elegante a la vez que informal y acogedor que te invita a relajarte y disfrutar.

Whether you are looking for a fun night out with friends, a romantic date or just want to relax with a great drink, Plata Cocktail Bar is the perfect place for you. So come and discover why we are the best cocktail bar in Barcelona. We await you with open arms!

Visit us today and let yourself be carried away by a unique experience at Plata Cocktail Bar Barcelona!

interior de plata cocktail bar, best cocktail bar in barcelona


For over 100 years, we've been innovating and delivering the latest beverage trends. Our legacy is based on a passion for mixology and the art of creating exceptional cocktails.

In our bar, you will find a wide variety of drinks carefully prepared by our talented bartenders. We are proud to offer a unique experience to our clients, where quality and creativity are our top priority.

Our team of experts stay up to date with the latest techniques and trends in the cocktail industry. We are constantly exploring new combinations of flavors, ingredients, and presentations to bring you innovative and surprising experiences.

At Plata cocktail bar, we strive to create a cozy and sophisticated environment where you can enjoy a wide selection of drinks. From reinvented classics to exclusive creations from our house. Our passion for cocktails is reflected in every sip we offer.

In addition, our team prides itself on providing impeccable, personalized and attentive service. We care about every detail to make sure that your visit is unforgettable and feels like home.

In Plata cocktail bar you will find the perfect combination of tradition and avant-garde in the art of mixology.

We invite you to visit us and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of cocktails at Plata cocktail bar. Where history and innovation meet to offer you a unique experience in Barcelona.

Foto de Plata Cocktail Bar en Barcelona de 1917


Where is the cocktail bar located in Barcelona? Answer: Our cocktail bar is located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​at Consell de Cent 233.

What kind of cocktails do you offer in the cocktail bar? Answer: In our cocktail bar we offer a wide variety of classic and creative cocktails. From the classics like the Mojito or the Negroni, to unique creations made by our expert mixologists

Do you have mocktail options? Answer: Of course! We understand that not all customers wish to consume alcohol, so we have a selection of delicious and refreshing mocktails to enjoy.

Is it necessary to make a reservation to visit the cocktail bar? Answer: We operate on a first-come, first-served basis with no reservations.

Do you have food options available at the cocktail bar? Answer: Although we specialize in cocktails, we also offer a small selection of tapas to accompany your experience. Our menu includes delicious options that will complement your visit.

Can you organize private events in the cocktail bar? Answer: Of course! If you want to organize a private event in our cocktail bar, contact us for more information and to customize your event.


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