Cocktail «Studio 54»

Cocktail "Studio 54" at Plata cocktail bar in barcelona

Cocktail "Studio 54", we start with a blend of botanicals, which add aromatic notes and subtle herbal nuances to the cocktail. Fresh citrus, such as lemon or lime, adds a touch of freshness and acidity that enhances the flavors of the other ingredients.

The star of this cocktail is undoubtedly the passion fruit. Its intense and exotic flavor combines perfectly with the other elements, providing a tropical and juicy touch to the Studio 54 cocktail.

To add a layer of sweetness and complexity, we incorporated delicious pineapple and grenadine. These ingredients complement the citrus and exotic flavors, bringing a touch of balanced sweetness to the cocktail.

Finally, to give a final touch of exquisiteness, we add a fine texture of caramelized vanilla. This detail gives the Studio 54 cocktail an elegant and sophisticated character, and completes the sensory experience with its soft sweetness and irresistible aroma.Another success of Plata Cocktail Bar.