Cocktail «Man On The Moon»

Cocktail "Man On The Moon" at Plata cocktail bar in barcelona

Cocktail «Man on the Moon», we start with distilled sugar cane juices, cachaça, which provide a natural sweetness and a smooth base to the cocktail.

Next, we add cognac-based orange triple sec, which adds a touch of sophistication and citrus notes to the cocktail. The fusion of flavors is enhanced with a touch of vanilla, which provides a sweet and aromatic note that perfectly complements the mix.

To add a tropical and refreshing touch, we incorporate pineapple strips, which add juiciness and a distinctive tropical flavor to the cocktail. But the real explosion of flavor comes from the passion fruit, which adds an exotic and sour touch, completing the sensory experience of this unique drink.

The Man on the Moon cocktail is a perfect choice for both those looking for bold, exotic flavors and lovers of classic cocktails. Come to Plata Cocktail Bar and let yourself be seduced by this fusion of sugar cane juices, cognac-based orange triple sec, vanilla, pineapple strips and the tropical explosion of passion fruit.