Cocktail «I ´m Rich»

Cocktail "i am Rich" at the best cocktail bar in Barcelona, plata cocktail bar.

Cocktail "I'm Rich", is a combination of carefully selected ingredients to create a unique and luxurious experience. The vodka brings its smooth and sophisticated character, while the exotic mango adds a tropical and juicy touch.

The infusion of wild flowers adds a delicate and aromatic floral note, providing an elegant and evocative sensory experience. In addition, the light chocolate flavor adds a sensual and decadent touch to the cocktail, perfectly complementing the other flavors.

El resultado es un cóctel dorado y brillante, que destaca visualmente y refleja el estilo de vida sofisticado y exitoso. Es una bebida perfecta para aquellos que aprecian el lujo y la elegancia, y que desean disfrutar de una experiencia refrescante y deliciosa en nuestra cocktail bar.

The "I'm Rich" cocktail is a tribute to those who follow their dreams and enjoy the pleasures of life. Its exquisite flavor and its elegant presentation make this cocktail an ideal choice to celebrate special moments and create unforgettable memories.