Cocktail «I Am What I Am»

cocktail de plata cocktail bar i am what i am

Cocktail «I Am What I Am», we begin with a liqueur macerated with orange peel, which imparts a citrus and vibrant note to the cocktail.

This liquor is mixed with a vanilla-based rum, creating an exceptional fusion of flavors. The rum brings warmth and smoothness, while the vanilla adds a touch of subtle and aromatic sweetness.

The tart combination of the smooth pineapple perfectly balances the flavor profile, offering freshness and a refreshing note to the cocktail. In turn, the pineapple provides a tropical softness that is complemented by the slight sweetness of the mixture.

The I Am What I Am cocktail is an expression of authenticity and daring. Each sip reveals layers of complex flavors and a unique harmony. Come to Plata Cocktail Bar and let yourself be seduced by this fascinating combination of macerated orange liqueur, vanilla rum and the acid and slightly sweet touch of soft pineapple.