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The best cocktail bar in Barcelona: where art meets mixology. In the world of cocktails, Plata Cocktail Bar in Barcelona stands out as an iconic destination. Located in the heart of the charming city of Barcelona, ​​this bar offers an extraordinary journey through a symphony of flavors and captivating emotions. Let's dig into why this bar has earned a reputation as one of the best in the world.

At The Best Cocktail Bar in Barcelona, ​​excellence and originality are not just buzzwords; are the guiding principles. The goal here is to offer an exceptional and exclusive cocktail experience. It is perhaps the best cocktail bar in Barcelona, ​​and with good reason. One of the defining characteristics of this renowned establishment is the presence of a master mixologist with an impressive two-decade career. With a deep-rooted passion for the art of flavor blending and an insatiable curiosity to explore new taste frontiers, this mixologist has become a virtuoso in creating captivating and unique blends. Each creation that emerges from his skilled hands is a testament to years of experience and a sincere commitment to excellence.

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Enjoy an elegant yet informal and welcoming environment that encourages relaxation and enjoyment.
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Cocktails, simple drinks but of incredible flavor, the United States could prohibit alcohol but its spirits flowed freely through its alleys in the bars called speakeasy or Speakeasy.

In fact, many of the best cocktails came out of and survived those dry years, not all of them were produced between the 1920s and 1933, they also date back to the late 1800s but jazz age drinkers would find them already. that the illegal alcohol of the time could be masked.

There were not many options for brandy, gin, rum, whiskey... and their quality was not always guaranteed.

Those cocktails saved the day, turning alcoholic beverages into non-alcoholic ones that anyone could enjoy. Fruits were included
tasty, more sweetener, soda and mint among other ingredients.

It might be a bad time to drink, but still the bartenders didn't let it stop them from creating great cocktails, some would even argue that precisely because of prohibition, many of the classic cocktails on the menus of today's best bars remain the favorites of the last century.

Prohibition also played a part in spreading the American cocktail craze to the rest of the world, with so many jobs to seek as speakeasies became bars where not all bartenders wanted to work and many chose to flee the United States. United.

Many of these great classics were the Mojito, which was very simple to make and was one of the most acclaimed, one of our specialties at Plata Cocktail Bar by the way, made with Havana Club 7 rum, where you can choose between the classic, the passion fruit or the strawberry one, surely it will not leave you indifferent!


Cocktail "I´m Rich" de Plata cocktail bar en Barcelona

To understand Pop Art and its origins, you must first understand the context in which society prevailed before the movement arose.

At first it was a rejection of abstract expressionist art, since it was considered empty and far from social reality.

His proposal did not satisfy many artists who were just beginning to make art and who did not agree with the objective perspective of abstract art. Also, it's limited to the elite, galleries and outside the general community, finally this fact changed with pop art.

It seems that the first concept of Pop art appeared in England, at the hands of impetuous young people who believed that art was far removed from everyday life.

In London, the Independent Group, founded in 1952 and itself a pioneer of Pop Art, housed painters, sculptors, critics, and writers to promote this new art, including Richard Hamilton, credited with being the first Pop artist.

Asimismo, el arte se exhibió alrededor del año 1962 con obras de David Hockney, Derek Bosier, Alan Jones y Peter Phillips.

It seems that many British works refer to American culture based on modern technology and mass media.
communication. As a result, it should be noted that this art in the United States was more aggressive and ironic.

Pop Art Influence

On the other hand, the images of comics, movies, magazines, newspapers and above all, advertisements, contributed to a great extent to the development of Pop Art.

We cannot forget the humorous and ironic tone of these works. During its preparation we find a wide variety of materials, from different types of paints such as wax or oil to other elements such as photographs and resin.

Today we can find numerous art galleries full of this art considered modern and friendly.

It is also part of the decoration in businesses, here we could show how Plata Cocktail Bar Barcelona is up to date with some of these famous works and setting trends towards the modern.

The use of techniques such as juxtaposition, collage or photomontage is very common and is undoubtedly a direct influence of Dadaism. However, it must be taken into account that each author has created a personal style and a hallmark.

London's Tate Modern recently organized a virtual tour of its retrospective of pop artist Andy Warhol. Among other works we can visit his iconic images of Marilyn Monroe or Campbell's tomato soup cans.

The exhibition presents nearly a hundred works by Andy Warhol (1928-1987). Including 25 from his Ladies and Gentlemen series, portraits of drag queens and trans women who have seen the light of day for the first time in 30 years.